Rainwater Recovery is the premier design firm for rainwater harvesting systems for institutional, municipal and commercial projects.

For firms that are committed to designed-in environmental sustainability, Rainwater Recovery Inc. offers their expert services to enhance capacity and competence.

As the innovator in rainwater harvesting systems, Rainwater Recovery has a long history of design and engineering experience. This means that Rainwater knows:

  • The right system for the project. Large harvesting systems are complex, with a multitude of components that need to work together for the system to perform optimally. Add to that variables such as changing weather patterns, municipal infrastructure, and government restrictions, and it is apparent how inexperience can create detrimental, and even dangerous, designs. Rainwater has developed state-of-the-art cistern size optimization modeling and extensive knowledge of virtually all cistern form factors, filtration, treatment, pump works and complex plumbing interfaces and system controller logic and specification. 
  • Optimal reusability with minimal impact—on the environment, on community stormwater and sewer systems, and on costs. Whether the plan is to supplant use of domestic water for irrigation, sewage conveyance, cooling tower or industrial process make-up water, Rainwater has the knowledge to design the solution for your team with industry-leading analytical tools and techniques.
  • Sustainable design goals. With expert geotechnical engineering, stormwater engineering and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering resources, and with over eighty designs in production today and many more in the works, Rainwater has the experience and the passion to address your project’s most complex challenges and help you attain environmental goals, whether they include LEED certification, Low Impact Development standards, or simply doing the right thing.
  • How to work with you. From the U.S. General Services Administration to the Environmental Protection Agency, from FX Fowle to Harvard University, Rainwater has worked with the leaders in sustainable design and maintains ongoing relationships with their project partners.

So whether your challenge is combined sewer overflows, rainwater recharge to save wood pile foundations, water conservation or stormwater management, get the best on your team by contacting Rainwater Recovery Inc. today. 



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